"We Tip Hotels" is where guest show they care

Thank You For Supporting Your Hotel Staff

Just like a server or Uber driver, the hotel staff works hard or even harder to make your stay amazing. And just like anyone else in the hospitality industry, most of their income comes from tips. We Tip Hotels makes it fast, simple, and easy to tip the staff that works hard to serve you. They don’t work hard because they need
to, they work hard because they know you deserve the best. The tip you leave will show a token of kindness and appreciation for the ones that need it the most. Thank you in advance for tipping the hotel staff.

Tipping Made Easy

Over one million hotel employees

Make Less Than $9.00 an hour

Most Hotel Guest Don't Carry Cash

Most guest want to leave a tip but carry little cash

Guest Prefer Using Credit Cards

Guest are accustomed to tipping with a credit card